Grand opening of new Bratislava Bus station

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ZSE opened a new UFC HUB location in Nivy Bus station, Bratislava, Slovakia with 4x 150kW charging points and 6x 22kW AC charging points. Charging stations are deployed within Next-e and Urban-e projects.  
Bratislava’s New Nivy zone, located at the border to the Old Town, was always an important transportation hub. There were lots of new developments over the last years, including offices as well as housing. With Nivy Station’s opening on September 30, 2021, this area will attract even more commuters, local residents, and employees. HB Reavis is responsible for this project. Nivy Station combines an international bus terminal, a mall, and a food zone with a fresh market. An atrium connects it directly with an active green roof with 12,000 sq m. It also includes a 70,000 sq m mall with a well-balanced mix of brands, an intuitive navigation system, and plenty of opportunities to spend some time there.

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