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ZSE Drive opened a first HUB location in AUPARK, Bratislava, Slovakia, with 2 ultra-fast 350 kW chargers together with 4 AC chargers. Today was a grand opening of the first ultra-fast charging HUB in Bratislava shopping mall – AUPARK. The chargers are located in a green area of the underground ...
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Petrol deploys a pilot battery energy storage system in preparation for the future of e-mobility

The number of those who believe in the e-future and understand the importance of sustainable transport has been increasing steadily. Petrol is here to support them with its range of e-mobility services, one of them being the deployment of the pilot battery energy storage system in Kozina, which ...
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Next-E's 262 Fast and Ultra-Fast Chargers in 6 countries will be available on one platform

Berlin, 5 October 2020 – The members of the NEXT-E charging infrastructure project for electric vehicles and e-mobility digital specialist Hubject have joined forces to make their combined fast and ultra-fast chargers available on one EV-charging application across six bordering countries: ...
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Grand opening of new Bratislava Bus station

ZSE opened a new UFC HUB location in Nivy Bus station, Bratislava, Slovakia with 4x 150kW charging points and 6x 22kW AC charging points. Charging stations are deployed within Next-e and Urban-e projects.   Bratislava’s New Nivy zone, located at the border to the Old Town, was always an ...
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Tifon becomes the first in Croatia to introduce fast EV chargers to key transport corridors – A1 and A6 motorways

Tifon becomes the first in Croatia to introduce fast EV chargers to key transport corridors – A1 and A6 motorways​ The first fast EV chargers with MOL Plugge brand on Croatian motorways put into operation by Tifon.  Deployments are part of the NEXT-E project, co-financed by the ...
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NEXT-e Press release

 The „electric highway” continues to expand in Romania, with 2 new EV charging stations in Suceava and Roman The two EV charging stations join the already existing 5 stations opened by E.ON, in the cities of Iasi, Targu Frumos and Cristesti (Iasi County), respectively in Tasca (Neamt ...
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1st ultra-fast charger in cohesion Europe
Grand Opening Event in Slovakia

ZSE opens the first ultra-fast charging station among 15 European countries, providing for a possibility of charging vehicles of near future.     The ultra-fast charging station enables significantly faster charging of electric cars of 350 kW, shortening time for electric car ...
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